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Giant Schnauzer Rescue

Why is there a need for Giant Schnauzer Rescue?

Giants are not for everyone, and are universally known not to be for a first time dog owner.  Giants bark; they are stubborn when they want something; they are terriorial and will protect it at all costs.  They do not get along well with other dogs and will chase small animals.  Giants need a lot of daily exercise and if ignored will create their own fun to the detriment of your home.  The Giant is a 70-100+ pound dog that needs a confident commander 24 x 7 to corrale his or her exuberance.
Unfortunately, there are Giant owners who got in over their head and Giant Schnauzer Rescue has become necessary across the United States.  If you know of anyone needing to give up their Giant, please have them contact us at info@aziaragiants.com.